Diaper Safety & Health


Disposable diapers have a long history of safe use by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Members of the Center for Baby and Adult Hygiene Products are committed to the safety and gentleness of their products. Member companies employ scientists and engineers with special expertise in product safety and to make sure the materials and products are safe before they go into market.

There are several different parts to the safety review process:

Reviewing Diaper Safety
The various materials that are used in a disposable diaper are rigorously tested for safety. Learn more about which materials are used and how they are tested.

Testing Diapers’ Construction
Diaper manufacturers have studied the behavior of diaper-wearing children and design diapers so they can stand up to children’s curiosity and misadventures. Learn more about how companies test the construction of their diapers.

Conducting Clinical Studies
When a particular diaper is significantly re-designed, its manufacturer may conduct clinical testing to confirm the diaper’s compatibility with a baby’s skin. Learn more about how these clinical trials are conducted.

Collecting Consumer Data
Each company maintains a system to compile and respond to consumer concerns and comments. Learn more about how this information is collected.

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